201 Walnut Street, Roseville, CA 95678  *** 916-771-2233 *** info@h2hdesign.com
Bob was very friendly and
professional. He was open to my
ideas and was always offering
his professional opinions. My
home is beautiful and feels very
relaxing now. Thanks to Bob!
-Janice A, Roseville, CA
Bob has been great! He gave
great advice on colors and has
helped immeasurably with how
to better organize rooms, where
and how to display items, future
remodeling ideas, has taught me
a lot and has been very patient.
I have never decorated a home
and wanted help but also
wanted to learn how and why
certain colors, lighting,
arrangement, etc., and bob has
patiently anwered my endless
list of questions. He has also
been available outside of our
appointments when I had
questions. I hope to keep
working with Bob off and on as
we want to change/update our
home. I have recommended him
a few times now.
-Jennifer J, Sacramento, CA
Bob was incredibly helpful on
the phone and he was on time
and completed the project
perfectly. I am very impressed
and will refer him to many
-Maura O, El Dorado, CA
Bob was a pleasure to work with.
He was concerned about what
we wanted and that we were
happy with his decisions. He was
very responsive when we had
any questions and got right
back to us.
-Ellen, Elk Grove, CA
My husband and I were
extremely satisfied with the
service provided by House 2
Home [Designs]. Our
satisfaction began with our
conversation over the telephone.
I explained my needs and felt
heard by Bob. He is a good
listener. I felt as though we
worked as a "team" from the
get-go. He and his co-worker
were gentle with my things [and]
careful while moving furniture
around and carrying items from
one room to another. They were
hard working...[and] when they
left, I felt like my home had a
wonderful makeover-- it felt
more spacious, warmer,
interesting and balanced. I
would not hesitate to
recommend [House 2 Home
-Virginia M, Sacramento, CA